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About Us

Megan Colon Photography
Megan Colon Photography

Introductions come first am I right??

Hey yall, i'm Megan, and this is my husband Aric, and the little bean there is our daughter EvaLinn! Together we work on bringing a voice to the light of being in the midst's of beautiful memories. We capture love so that the new, the current, and the older generations never forget what that looked like. 


I'm an old school hippy living in a high tech world, obsessed with all things 70's, and anything involving Mother Nature, I love to sing, and my radio stays on 97.7 with all the best 70's hits. My favorites being Bob Seger, Tom Petty, Creedence Clearwater, Fleetwood Mac, Linda Ronstadt, Eagles, Bee Gees, and The Classic Ivs, you get the gist. Aside of photography life, I want to be a singer, 

My best friend is my Husband Aric, he's talented as ever, funny as hell, and overall just a light in everyone's life. He loves to skate, and jazz is a favorite. We are very into old school beats. If he could be anything in this life it would be a professional skater, and probably my music manager. Overall if you know Aric you know he is a hippy too lmao!


Things that make me happy:

  • Traveling together as a family

  • My husband

  • My daughter

  • The Earth

  • The sunsets

  • The moon

  • Mountains 

  • Rock and Roll ( especially Stevie Nicks, she is my actual spirit animal been obsessed since I was 4)

  • Swimming

  • Music

  • Photography

  • Movies (I'm a huge Potterhead, and Lord of the Rings? hell yes)

  • Gilmore Girls (Loreli is my favorite)

  • Honestly my whole damn life just makes me happy (:

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