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Bobbie Jo + George Wedding Day | Lubbock, Tx | Horseshoe Knot Event Center

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

When we met Bj and George for drinks and lunch, we knew right away they were a perfect match. They are two of the most loving humans. Bobbie Jo brings such a warm welcoming feeling to the room, and George is so kind and always letting everyone in his life know how loved they are. At the end of their wedding night George told us to not let it be the end of our friendship, and I can PROMISE it isn't! That's really my favorite part about all of this, the new friends we make give our hearts so much joy. We had such a blast with their tribe, and we felt so welcomed. My favorite part was after the heart yanking, tear jerking speeches given, George said "LET'S FUCKIN' PARTY!" and party we did!

Bj and George are so giddy together, I love the way she looks at her husband. What a miracle it is that the two have found each other.

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