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Updated: Jul 28, 2021

"I don’t even know how to put into words just how amazing Megan is. My husband and I got married in May 2021. We also did our engagement pictures with Megan in August 2020. From the moment we spoke to Megan, we both knew that we wanted her to be a part of our wedding. Megan made us both feel so comfortable. She was there when she said she would be, communicated with us regularly, and most certainly made us feel special. The photos we received are wonderful, and we cannot thank Megan enough. Not only is Megan incredibly good at what she does, but she is also a fabulous person – in short, everything you could wish for in a wedding photographer!!"

That is the review I got from Maria and Joey after we wrapped up a years worth of special planning and memories, and it puts happy tears into my eyes and chills on my skin. Words don't even describe enough how special they are to my heart.

These are the real raw connections I make with my brides and grooms.

Maria and Joey are definitely one of those connections. From the moment I met them I knew their love was special, and I knew I would be able to call these two friends. There is something so infectious about their smiles when they are together. Maria is already an outstanding wife and truly an example of a woman ready to stand by her man through anything. Then there is Joey ready to protect Maria from anything and shower her with nothing but his infectious love for her and others who love her as well, Joey makes sure she knows it.

Their love is inspiring. When Maria came down the isle I literally bawled with her. (We even bawled at rehearsal the night before lol) but it was just one of those moments like wow I found my forever and I am so thankful and happy, and to be apart of that was such an honor.

We celebrated and danced till the sun went down and then some! It was a night to remember. I got to dance with Maria and hang out with their families, and even got invited for menudo the next morning! lol Their families were so welcoming to me, and I will never forget them. I am so blessed to forever be welcome and apart of their lives and their families. They really are my friends now, and these are the people I am trying to celebrate LOVE with.

Also everyone if you are planning your wedding PLEASE do mariachi specifically @Mariachi Lindo Lubbock or any kind of live band bc you are gunna catch me jamming hard lol!


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