Bianca & Brandon Arnold | Roswell, NM | Country Club

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Meet Bianca and Brandon. One of the most heart warming couples to ever come across my lens. Brandon was the first groom I have ever witnessed cry when seeing his bride, and that should say a lot about how he feels.

This was my first destination wedding. Roswell, New Mexico Country Club did not disappoint.

I think what made this wedding super special for me is the moment I asked Brandon "Are you nervous?" and he replied "Nope. Not at all. Bianca is the love of my life. There's nothing to be nervous about." and when I asked Bianca the same question she replied "I'm ready to be his wife"

Also tell me your bride is a Zumba instructor without telling me she's a Zumba instructor?! Look at Bianca and her girls GET IT!!

I wouldn't have ever been able to attend this wedding if Bianca and Brandon never trusted me. From beginning to end I made sure to reassure them that they had nothing to worry about, From lunch, to making sure the whole wedding party had water on a 114 degree wedding day. And that's really what I am about. I want to make sure my couples have no stress at all. We are not just taking pictures for you, we really do care about you guys.

What an honor it was to be apart of this day.

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