Kattie & Jon Stiggers | Lubbock, TX | Bingo Hall

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Kattie and Jon's wedding at the Faith Club Bingo Hall was nothing short of FUN AF there was some fun ass dancing thanks to @Don Hunnicutt because the DJ was slick! He told everyone that if they loved Kattie and Jon they would go to the dance floor, and so they did, and then they danced together with friends and family! OH and the war over the bouquet and garter was HILARIOUS LOL!

I have known Kattie nearly my entire life... her sons her Dad, and her brother Eric. They mean so so much to me. Kattie has been through so much in this lifetime. I have witnessed her heartbreak, trials, and tribulations. She has come so far. And to have funny Jon with her now on her Journey brings happy tears to my eyes.

To see her love story unfold and watch her and Jon fall in love is a beautiful thing to bear witness. I am so happy for these two.

Katties brother Eric even made their cake! AND another one of my favorite details of this wedding is their guest book! It was smoothed out tree bark! It truly was incredible. ANNNND WE PLAYED POOL?! It was a dream come true friends. OH AND EVERY BRIDE NEEDS A BAD ASS LEATHER JACKET NOW OKAY PLEASE?! LOL

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