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Stormie + Jeremiah | Engagements | Lubbock, Tx

Storm and I already had a bond going before I met Jeremiah. We were laughing because we already KNEW Jeremiah was not going to be in the mood for pictures LOL. But we actually ended up having a lot of fun!!! I have seen their photos done before and we knew we wanted to include more of HIM. He doesn't like to get into "model mode" so what we did was just have FUN. We had genuine conversation throughout the entire session, and GENUINE LAUGHING! I cracked a few funny lines to him and he was able to show his real personality with me! We both gave eachother a hard time and it was so funny! Stormie my goodness she is an angelic model, LIKE WUT. She didn't even have to try it was just so natural, and their chemistry?! WHOOOOOOO IT WAS HOT OUTSIDE LOL!!! I can't wait to get these two married next year!

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