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Zoe + Thomas

Sunset, in a hidden gem here in Lubbock, TX, beautiful glowing fields, with distant hills. There were sounds of windchimes and, big laughs. It was like a scene in a love story. And these two are the lovers

Ashlin + Grayson

We had a sweet furry visitor during their Engagement Session, and it made it so warm and cozy. The little baby followed us everywhere, it was so funny. We really did have so much fun embracing the last of summer.

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Melissa + Johnathan 

The views of the White Sands were incredible. These two cuties gave me some Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendez VIBESSSS. Their chemistry was soooo good! AND they brought their fur babies!! It couldn't get anymore perfect than that!

Sabrina + Jordan

I think the one thing I am starting to love most about photography is, not just telling my clients story, but also telling my story through a creative outlet. Sabrina and Jordan really made things so easy, and they didn't mind any of my ideas! 


Lacey + Chris

Say hi to Chris and Lacey! I am obsessed with how perfect and inspiring and hilarious their relationship is. They are so much fun to be around, and since Lacey is a photographer too, working together is a blast, bc we get to be creative!

Maria + Joey

We celebrated and danced till the sun went down and then some! It was a night to remember. I got to dance with Maria and hang out with their families, and even got invited for menudo the next morning! lol Their families were so welcoming to me, and I will never forget them. I am so blessed to forever be welcome and apart of their lives and their families. They really are my friends now, and these are the people I am trying to celebrate LOVE with.

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Kattie + Jon

I have known Kattie nearly my entire life... her sons her Dad, and her brother Eric. They mean so so much to me. Kattie has been through so much in this lifetime. I have witnessed her heartbreak, trials, and tribulations. She has come so far. And to have funny Jon with her now on her Journey brings happy tears to my eyes.

Brian + Briana 

This engagement was a surprise! I totally got into a bush a snuck around to capture these memories for the sweetest couple. They were so kind and I am so grateful they choose me to be apart of their journey!


Andrea Trash the dress

When Andrea came to me and told me her wedding was off, and she wanted to trash the dress, I WAS STOKED, Life isn't perfect and sometimes things go unplanned, but damn did we trash that dress!

Sam + John

While we were in Colorado, Springs we met Sam and John! we did a quick little shot at the Garden of the Gods! It was awesome, and I am so glad we got to snag a shot!

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